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Zirconia implants: Richmond, VA’s metal-free tooth replacement alternative

Dental implants are the closest substitution for a natural tooth currently available, because they replace the supportive root structure as well as the visible crown. You can learn more at the Dental Implants tab on this website. Meanwhile, Dr. Olivia Hart is pleased to offer a metal-free option to patients in the Richmond, VA area – zirconia implants.

The zirconia distinction

Conventional implants are comprised of three parts. A small screw made of a titanium metal alloy serves as the root, becoming integrated into the jawbone. A post, or abutment, is placed into the center of the implant and topped with a crown.

The implant and abutment are typically a single piece in a zirconia implant. A lustrous porcelain crown is cemented to the abutment to restore appearance and chewing function. The non-metal ceramic zirconia material is white, so there is no risk of metal allergy and no gray line at the gum margin.

Benefits of zirconia implants

  • Strong – Zirconia is extremely capable of resisting bite force, so these implants are suitable for all areas of the mouth.
  • Reliable – Zirconia implants have been available since 1987, recently gaining popularity due to a growing number of holistic dental practices. Osseointegration for zirconia is similar to titanium, resulting in a success rate up to 97 percent.
  • Biocompatible – Zirconia is a bioinert material – it will not cause inflammation and cannot be rejected by the body.
  • Natural looking – A zirconia implant and porcelain restoration cannot be detected in the smile.

As a holistic dentist and a member of the IAOMT, Dr. Hart supports the growing trend toward avoiding metals in the body. If you are a health conscious dental patient, she encourages you to schedule a consultation to learn more about the advantages of zirconia implants. Call Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA at (804) 381-6238.
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