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At Richmond Family Dentistry, we believe that patients should have access to a wide range of solutions to address their oral health and any dental concern they might have. From holistic care to cosmetic dentistry, we encourage all patients to visit our practice and learn about all we have to offer. Some of the key services provided in our practice include though are not limited to:

Dr. Olivia Hart has been dreaming of being a dental health professional since her childhood. She graduated from VCU with honors with her doctorate degree in dentistry and earned a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry Cum Laude. She is dedicated to providing the best quality dentistry in the area and she has spent hundreds of hours in continuing education learning about implantology, prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery, with a particular interest in general, biological, and cosmetic dentistry in addition to many specialized services in the dental field.

Dr. Hart is certified to provide sedation dentistry which relaxes patients with techniques including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

Our practice is committed to providing holistic dental care for patients of all ages. Children and adults are welcome in our practice and can enjoy the benefits of biocompatible care We also keep in mind aesthetics with everything we do, as we want to ensure patients have a beautiful smile that looks completely natural, even when restorative work has been performed.

Dr. Olivia Hart and the team of Richmond Family Dentistry are here to help families in reaching optimum oral health and maintaining it over the course of many years. If you reside in or around Glen Allen, VA and beyond and are ready to seek treatment from a quality, comprehensive dentist such as Dr. Olivia Hart, contact us today to book your initial consultation appointment and evaluation.

Comprehensive Examination for New Patients at Richmond Family Dentistry

In response to a growing demand from patients and to offer the best dental care possible, Dr. Hart conducts a comprehensive oral health examination. She offers this examination to her new patients during their initial visit to Richmond Family Dentistry. The comprehensive examination lasts approximately 60 minutes and consists of multiple oral health tests, thorough diagnostic assessment and in-depth consultation with Dr. Hart and her staff. Informed by the examination results and subsequent discussion with Dr. Hart the most appropriate and effective comprehensive treatment plan is developed to address any and all oral health issues that the patient has.

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Dr. Hart talks about dental services available at RFD Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Olivia Hart. I am a practicing dentist in Richmond, Virginia, and the owner of the Richmond Family Dentistry, which is a unique and biological dental practice.

In biological dentistry, we think it's very important to detect the problem and by that I mean, to play a detective and find out, why do you have cavities, why do you keep breaking teeth, why do you have root canals. Not just fix the tooth. For that, we have lots of modalities.

One of them is our three-dimensional x-ray. We can see lots of things on a three-dimensional x-ray. We can see infected root canals, we can see narrow airway, we can see bone quality, we can see sinuses, and lots of other things, because we care about the radiation level and protecting our patients from radiation, we use ultra-low three-dimensional x-rays.

So I hope that we will see you in Richmond Family Dentistry. I hope you are going to choose a biological practice. We hope we are going to make your oral health better, which will improve your overall health and will make you a happier proud person.

Restoration Warranty for Our Loyal Patients

Richmond Family Dentistry offers a 5-year Dental Warranty for Major Restorations for all its loyal patients. The warranty covers restorations such as

that were done by Dr. Hart. Read about the warranty terms and conditions.

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Dr. Olivia Hart is known throughout the Glen Allen, VA area and beyond as a leader in advanced techniques for reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry.

Olivia Hart DDS, NMD, IABDM, ICOI Fellow & AAIP Fellow brings specialized skills to Virginia

Under Dr. Hart's tutelage, Richmond Family Dentistry provides a premium level of holistic dental care not found in other area practices, for patients of all ages. Meet the Doctor

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