New Patients:
Existing Patients:

Reservation and Cancellation Fees Policy

1) New Patients

New Patients’ Appointment Confirmation and Reservation Fee

New patients can make an appointment either by submitting an online appointment request; filling out the online registration and health forms or calling (804) 381-6238. When you do so, we will speak with you to confirm the date and time of your appointment and answer any questions you might have. During this conversation, we will also take your credit or debit card information and withhold a $100 reservation fee that will be applied to the cost of the comprehensive holistic consultations with Dr. Hart if you choose to schedule it.

A Late Cancellation Fee for New Patients

At Richmond Family Dentistry, we are all extremely grateful to our new and existing patients and appreciate their time and commitment they give to us to help them. Many of our patients come to Richmond Family Dentistry driving long hours from far away to see Dr. Hart. This keeps Dr. Hart and her staff exceptionally busy. Her appointment schedule is both precious for patients that await to receive their treatment and for Dr. Hart, who wants to be available to all that seek her counsel and help.

Therefore, if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, we ask you to call: (804) 740-4485 or email us: minimum 48 hours prior to the appointment to let us know that you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

If you cancel the appointment less than 48 hours prior to it, do not show up for the appointment, or arrive at the office but then leave without seeing the doctor or without undergoing a scheduled procedure, the late cancelation fee in the amount of your reservation fee will automatically apply and be processed.

2) Existing Patients

Reservation and Cancellation Fees for Existing Patients

We value our existing patients as much as our new patients. Dr. Hart wants to make sure that her time and schedule are used effectively for the benefit of patients that are serious about their commitment to undertaking recommended treatment plans.

Extended treatment appointments that are longer than two hours or treatments considered surgical appointments (such as implant placements) might require an operatory reservation fee of a minimum of $250 and need at least a 5 business day cancellation notice (by phone (804) 740-4485 or email or an operatory reservation fee will be charged.

For shorter treatment appointments – two hours or less – we ask you to call: (804) 740-4485 or email us at a minimum 48 hours prior to the appointment in case you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment. There will be a late cancelation fee of $75 applied automatically if shorter treatment appointment canceled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled treatment or a patient does not show up for the appointment.
Harmony is one of the most important principles of a holistic lifestyle. At Richmond Family Dentistry, we are in harmony with our patients. We value greatly patients’ time and their loyalty to our practice. In turn, patients value our staff time and respect Dr. Hart’s busy schedule.

We want to provide the best dental care possible to all who need us!


Awesome Staff, great facility, clean, modern and easy access with ample of parking. Very reasonable priced. Very good experience.
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