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Benefits of visiting mercury safe dentistry office in Richmond

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Most people feel somewhat disappointed when they are told they need a dental filling; however, white fillings are a great option and contain no mercury.

Amalgam fillings have been used for decades, after this material was determined to provide more affordable restorations than what was possible with gold fillings. This practice, still in use today, is deemed by many dentists, as well as some health organizations, to be safe. The presence of mercury is necessary to serve as a bonding agent for the other metals contained in the metal alloy mix. While the US FDA United States Food and Drug Administration may see no reason to eliminate mercury fillings, holistic dentists prefer to use materials that are proven a healthier alternative to mercury. We offer mercury safe dentistry to our Richmond area patients.

Studies have shown that mercury should be avoided for several reasons. Compared to all other heavy metals, as well as arsenic and lead (which have been removed from products like paint), mercury is more poisonous and dangerous in our environment according to many authorities on metal toxicity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that mercury is a substance that has no safe level of exposure, leading to the removal of mercury from thermometers and other products, but not from amalgam dental fillings.

Amalgam fillings, which are reported to be strong and long lasting, have proven to be quite the opposite. Many adults who received amalgam fillings in their youth visit us with fractured teeth, a result of the incompatible expansion and contraction of the metal alloy mix. Mercury-safe fillings, on the other hand, are comprised of composites or ceramic materials, which are similar in characteristics to natural tooth enamel.

A metal-free dental filling will bond better to a tooth, require less removal of healthy tooth structure, create a better seal which keeps bacteria from seeping in under the filling, and will hold up to the pressure of chewing and biting.

You deserve healthy teeth, a beautiful smile, and a body full of vitality. All of our patients benefit from personalized care than includes metal-free restorations and regular oral cancer screenings.

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Dayna H.
Dr. Hart is gentle and professional, I knew I was in good hands during the entire procedure. Annie made my experience absolutely exceptional. She explained everything and made me feel very calm and comfortable before and during lunch the process. I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking safer dental care!
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