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Home teeth whitening in Richmond

Home teeth whitening solutions from expert dentist in Richmond

If your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, you may find yourself considering teeth whitening options. While the local drug store is full of products promising dramatic results, many dental patients in Richmond find that they usually don’t live up to their claims. Instead, these products fail to provide results, or cause damage to the patient’s teeth and gums.
If you are considering whitening your teeth at home, call Dr. Oliva Hart. She helps Richmond-area patients achieve their best and brightest smiles, while maintaining the health and integrity of teeth, mouth, and gums.

The comforts of home

While many patients want immediate results, fast in-office whitening treatments can have unfortunate side effects, such as sensitivity. Dr. Hart offers her patients customized whitening trays that are used at home.

  • Using an at-home whitening system gives patients greater control over the process.
  • For patients who have a higher tendency toward sensitivity, Dr. Hart will decrease the concentration in the gel solution.
  • With at-home trays, patients can whiten their teeth whenever it is convenient for their schedules.
  • Patients may use the trays while reading before bed, cleaning the house, or answering email.

It is important to note that while in-office whitening treatment is effective, if patients continue to drink or eat dark foods and beverages, stains will reappear over time. However, with the at-home whitening system, trays can be used for touchup sessions in the future.
If your smile has lost its shine, call Dr. Hart at Richmond Family Dentistry today. She will meet with you to discuss the results you are hoping to achieve, examine your mouth, and talk about your lifestyle. Then she will get you started on a path to a brighter smile with at home whitening treatments.
To schedule an appointment, call our office at (804) 381-6238.
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