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Charlottesville area dentist explains the construction of dental crowns

dentist in Charlottesville explains the construction of dental crowns

Dental crowns are cap-like restorations that cover a damaged or weakened natural tooth. They also cover dental implants for tooth replacement, or may be fused with false teeth to create dental bridges. Richmond Family Dentistry patients in the Charlottesville area who are introduced to crowns by Dr. Olivia Hart may wonder about the construction of these restorations.

Dental crowns are usually fabricated from porcelain. Porcelain is extremely strong and looks a lot like natural tooth enamel, which explains why it’s the most highly-requested crown material. Patients interested in improving the aesthetics of their smile love the look of dental crowns made from ceramics.

The process starts with preparation of the natural tooth. In order to ensure a tight bond, Dr. Hart removes a portion of enamel. The tooth is filed down before molds are made. These molds or impressions are sent to an outside laboratory where a ceramist uses them to create a beautiful replica of a natural tooth. Meanwhile, patients are fitted with a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the permanent restoration is complete.

When the dental crown is done, it is sent to Richmond Family Dentistry and patients return to the dentist for the final placement. Special bonding material is used to adhere the crown to the natural tooth after the removal of the temporary.

The entire process from consultation to placement takes about one to two weeks.

Dr. Hart and the Richmond Family Dentistry are excited to offer patients quality porcelain dental crowns to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Her practice also provides oral cancer screenings for patients during their first visits. Ready for a thorough examination to determine if dental crowns are appropriate for you? Contact Dr. Hart today!

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Dayna H.
Dr. Hart is gentle and professional, I knew I was in good hands during the entire procedure. Annie made my experience absolutely exceptional. She explained everything and made me feel very calm and comfortable before and during lunch the process. I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking safer dental care!
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