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Straighten your teeth discreetly with clear braces in Richmond

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Dental Clear Braces

Richmond Family Dentistry offers a variety of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures designed to create straighter teeth and a more uniform-looking smile. Orthodontic treatments like braces have the most dramatic impact when it comes to repositioning teeth. When you think of braces, images of a freckle-faced teen wearing metal brackets and colorful rubber bands may come to mind. While many adults desire a beautiful smile, most don’t want to spend several years in metal braces. With clear braces from Richmond Family Dentistry, patients have an appealing option to correct misalignment. Clear braces allow patients in Richmond to straighten teeth without … Continue reading

Help through the clear braces process with your Richmond dentist

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Effective Clear Braces

Undergoing standard orthodontic treatment doesn’t appeal to everyone. The invention of clear braces has been a welcome change, providing a more comfortable and discreet approach to a straighter smile. Wearing barely-noticeable aligner trays is far more palatable than metal brackets and wires for many patients. Just allow time to become accustomed to this orthodontic system. Knowing what to expect with clear braces from your Richmond dentist helps you enjoy stress-free treatment. The thin, plastic aligner trays may seem an unlikely approach to smile transformation. These trays are precisely made to your exact specifications, so they apply consistent and gentle pressure to move your teeth. … Continue reading

Richmond patients smile brighter with invisible braces

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Invisible orthodontics in a box

A winning smile can be an asset in your professional and personal life. Investing in your smile yields significant results. If you have crooked teeth or gaps, you may wish for straight teeth and a more uniform appearance. Has the fear of “a mouth full of metal” kept you from getting that dream smile? Advances in dental treatments have provided alternatives to traditional wires and brackets and visible orthodontic systems. At Richmond Family Dentistry, Dr. Hart and the professional dental team offer invisible braces. Solving a host of alignment issues including underbite, overbite, crossbite, overcrowding and gaps, the invisible brace … Continue reading

Clear braces from your Charlottesville dentist have revolutionized orthodontic treatment

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Clear Braces

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way in recent years. One of the most exciting technologies is the introduction of clear braces systems. At Richmond Family Dental, we offer patients in the Richmond and Charlottesville areas the Invisalign system as an alternative to conventional metal braces. The Invisalign system is designed to quickly and efficiently move teeth into proper alignment. The process involves a series of clear aligner trays. Made from BPA-free plastic, the aligner trays are comfortable and have a customized fit designed to place pressure on the teeth and gradually shift them into the right place. Trays are … Continue reading

Clear braces are an affordable way to straighten teeth

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving affordable clear braces

We see many adults who wish they had their teeth straightened in their youth. Now that they are older, they are worried about the cost of braces along with prospect of spending years in metal brackets and wires. The good news is that we have an affordable, effective solution that can discreetly straighten teeth, often in less time than traditional braces. Clear braces are a wonderful alternative to traditional braces that can enhance the appearance of the smile by improving alignment. An added benefit to straight teeth is that they are easier to keep clean which can lead to an … Continue reading

Charlottesville dentist offers alternative to metal braces with clear Invisalign braces

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving charlottesville area invisalign

Perfect smiles usually do not just happen, they have to be created. If you feel you do not have the smile you want due to crooked teeth, the standard treatment is for a dentist to place metal braces for the purpose of straightening the smile. Metal brackets and wires, however, may be burdensome because they not only come with restrictions to your daily routine, but they are readily apparent to the entire world. If you or your child wishes to correct misalignment or mild malocclusion in a way that is more hidden but just as effective, Invisalign may be just … Continue reading

Richmond residents ask, “How does Invisalign treatment work?”

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Invisalign Treatment

Many patients come to us struggling with smiles that have misalignment and spacing issues. Many people lose self-confidence and miss professional and personal opportunities. In the past treatment included spending several years in metal braces with wires, but now patients enjoy straightening with the Invisalign system’s clear trays. Dr. Hart offers this revolutionary treatment to patients who wish to discreetly improve the appearance of their teeth. Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that fit over the teeth and are nearly invisible. The trays are switched out every two weeks, gradually moving teeth into appropriate placement. The … Continue reading

Is there a dentist near me in Richmond that offers cost-effective clear braces?

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Smiling Woman with silicone trainer. Invisible braces

The answer is yes! We understand that many of our patients have something about their smile that they would like to see fixed. For some, it’s staining that doesn’t seem to get better. For others, it may be issues with misalignment. Luckily, cosmetic dental treatment improves the appearance of the smile and can even improve oral health. Clear braces are one way that we help correct imperfections and enjoy the long lasting results of a straighter smile. Teeth that are not in alignment can affect the beauty of the smile. We find that many adults avoid traditional orthodontic treatment because … Continue reading

Cost of clear braces brings value to Charlottesville, VA patients

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Cost Of Clear Braces

Investing in clear braces is a tremendous step in feeling good about your appearance and improving oral health. However, cost oftreatment is naturally a concern. Dr. Olivia Hart encourages patients from the Charlottesville, VA area to consider the benefits of treatment in Richmond. What influences cost? A big factor is local price indices. According to Sperling’s Best Places, cost of living in Charlottesville is 113.30; 13.3 points higher than the national average. In Washington, DC, the figure jumps to a whopping 158.50! Yet in Richmond, cost of living is just 97.50. That impacts everything from the price of bread to dental treatments. Product matters. Invisalign … Continue reading

Choosing the right braces for adults in Glen Allen, VA

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Braces For Adults

Are you an adult with orthodontic concerns, such as crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth? If so, you are not alone. More than one-quarter of orthodontic patients are over 18 years of age, according to American Association of Orthodontists. That number has increased about 40 percent in the last two decades, largely due to the availability of more affordable and attractive braces. Benefits of clear braces Invisalign, available from Richmond Family Dentistry in Glen Allen, VA, is among the most requested treatments. This unique system foregoes the traditional metal brackets and wires. Instead, custom-made transparent aligners are used to straighten teeth … Continue reading


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Dr. Hart represents true integrity. Her staff also exudes a level of professionalism and kindness.
I am thankful to have found a dentist who practices in a holistic manner.
Dr. Hart is a beautiful and smart soul
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