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The Technology Which Makes Convenient CEREC Same-Day Ceramic Crowns Possible

CEREC Dental Restorations in Glen Allen VA Area

When you are looking to get a ceramic crown, you may have heard about the required multi-appointment process. As dental technologies continue to evolve and new treatments are introduced, dental crowns can now be placed within a single appointment. CEREC same-day dental crowns are being used by more dentists than ever before, including Dr. Olivia Hart at Virginia Biological Dentistry in Glen Allen, Virginia. CEREC allows dentists to treat patients quicker than any other available dental restoration. If you have never heard of this technology, you may not realize how monumental it is. What follows will be a look into … Continue reading

How does CEREC work for obtaining crowns in Glen Allen, VA?

Cerec Crown Glen Allen VA

The dental field has come a long way over the years, allowing dental professionals to provide patients with amazing restorative solutions when problems arise. Dr. Olivia Hart and her team at Richmond Family Dentistry in Glen Allen, VA are here to help. One of the ways in which patients can benefit from technology when repairing their smiles is with the use of CEREC. What is CEREC? CEREC is CAD/CAM technology that is used right in the dental office to create dental crowns, bridges, and veneers. Instead of requiring dentists to take impressions of the prepared teeth, place temporary restorations, and … Continue reading

Glen Allen, VA residents discover the cost effective benefits of CEREC crowns

cost effective benefits of CEREC crowns recommended by dentist in Glen Allen VA

Located in Glen Allen, VA, Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry offers same day crowns to restore chipped teeth. For patients concerned about the cost, the health and convenience benefits of CEREC crowns make them a popular choice to restore the smile quickly and effectively. What is CEREC? CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Using CAD technology, dentists are able to create crowns during the patient’s appointment. A digital impression of the teeth is taken and then computerized to design the crown. The design is tweaked as necessary so the restoration can be fabricated by the in-office CEREC milling machine. The machine only … Continue reading

The procedure for CEREC dental crowns in Glen Allen, VA

CEREC dental crowns from dentist in Glen Allen VA

Restoring a broken, weak, or worn tooth has never been easier for the people of Glen Allen, VA and nearby communities. Richmond Family Dentistry is proud to offer the ultimate convenience of single-visit dental crowns right in our office, using advanced CEREC technology. What to expect – step by step procedure Preparation – Before beginning the procedure. Dr. Hart will use local anesthetic to numb the area, and ensure that you are comfortable. She will then prepare the tooth by removing any decayed or diseased portions, and then shaping it. Impressions – Rather than the familiar trays full of goo, … Continue reading


Shari M.
Dr. Hart represents true integrity. Her staff also exudes a level of professionalism and kindness.
I am thankful to have found a dentist who practices in a holistic manner.
Dr. Hart is a beautiful and smart soul
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