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Patients in the Glen Allen, VA Are Discovering the Benefits Offered By The SmoothLase Treatment

Benefits for Smoothlase Treatment in Glen Allen VA Area

Have you been seeking an all-natural solution for aging and loose skin? Dr. Oliva Hart and her skilled team at Richmond Family Dentistry are now offering patients in and around Glen Allen, VA, a completely natural and non-invasive treatment designed to tighten skin and provide a youthful appearance. This treatment, called SmoothLase, is an FDA-approved laser treatment designed to promote the stimulation of collagen production in areas around the nose, mouth, and chin. SmoothLase offers many benefits at a fantastic price.

As the laser technology stimulates collagen production, a healing process is triggered that tightens, tones, and lifts skin that has begun to sag. The lost elasticity of the skin is replenished while tightening wrinkles. This groundbreaking treatment provides beautiful results to patients while avoiding dermal fillers, making this a completely holistic treatment. 

The Use of Collagen

In our youth, our bodies can easily renew and replace our skin. As we age, this process slows down, and the production of new skin is not as easily accomplished. Along with this, the proteins collagen and elastin are not as efficiently produced either. When our bodies lose collagen, this is the most significant cause of skin aging, scarring, wrinkling, and poor skin tone and texture. It is not that our bodies can’t produce these vital proteins, but some external stimulation may be necessary. That is where the SmoothLase laser treatment comes into the picture. It can stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s elasticity, tightness, and plumpness. 

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Benefits of SmoothLase

Some benefits of SmoothLase include:

  • Visible lift and tightening of the skin
  • Gradual results without radical change
  • The treatment is healthy and produces long-lasting results
  • No outside or toxic substances are required for the treatment
  • No scarring, swelling, or bruising
  • No need for pre-treatment preparation

If you are interested in learning more about the SmoothLase laser treatment or any other treatments offered by Dr. Olivia Hart and her team at Richmond Family Dentistry in Glen Allen, VA, please call (804) 381-6238 today.

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Sara F.
We love Dr. Hart and her staff. Not only is Dr. Hart knowledgeable and exceptionally thoughtful in her care, but she also has a supportive staff (special shout-out to Sandy!) that makes our visits pleasant and easy. I love knowing that I can trust all of them with my family’s dental needs.
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