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Teeth Whitening

Patients depend on having a white, healthy smile. However, not everyone has naturally white teeth. Due to genetics and stains that develop over time, patients may struggle with discolored teeth. One way to address this concern is with teeth whitening procedures and treatments. Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond offers a number of teeth whitening methods. The most commonly used treatment is at-home gel solutions. This is effective in removing superficial stains on the teeth and enhancing patient smiles quickly and easily with FDA-approved products.

At-Home Gel Solutions

Dr. Hart offers an at-home whitening method that is safe and effective for patients to utilize. At the dental office, Dr. Hart will fabricate a tray that fits precisely over the arches of the patient's teeth. Then, the patient is given whitening gel that is used with the trays and worn at home. Depending on the severity of the stain and the dentist's recommendations, patients may be advised to wear the trays anywhere from a half hour a day to overnight for the best results. Many patients report a marked improvement in the color of their enamel after several applications of the gel.

The at-home whitening method is safe, effective, and affordable for most patients. With a whiter, brighter smile, patients feel more confident and beautiful than ever before. If you are interested in learning more about the whitening methods available and how they can benefit your smile, call Dr. Hart’s office today to schedule your consultation appointment and decide if teeth whitening treatments are right for you.
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I love Dr. Hart! So gentle and calming. I love that the office has no chemical air fresheners or these things...all natural and clean air! Dr. Hart supports an 'organic-type' lifestyle (in one word, this is the best way for me to describe) and I am delighted to have a dentist that shares my healthy lifestyle choices! I was looking for a dentist who would take out all the old amalgam fillings in a healthy and the safest possible way... THE BEST!!
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