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Convenience and value: Ceramic crowns from Richmond, VA dentist

Dental crowns are a versatile and necessary part of general dentistry. A crown restores natural appearance and function of a tooth damaged by decay or trauma. A crown strengthens a tooth that has had root canal therapy, or finishes a dental implant replacement for a missing tooth. Crowns are also part of a dental bridge unit. Patients in the Richmond, VA area enjoy additional benefits with CEREC same day crowns from Dr. Olivia Hart.

While you wait

If you receive a conventional crown, you can count on at least two dental appointments, and several weeks wearing a temporary restoration while your crown is made at an off-site laboratory. Dr. Hart has invested in contemporary equipment and training to fabricate lustrous porcelain crowns, chair-side. That reduces your travel and missed work time. You leave the office with a beautifully restored smile in one visit.

Straightforward process

The CEREC procedure is similar to getting a traditional crown – but much more efficient. The resulting restoration is just as strong, durable, and natural-looking, and the cost is comparable.

  • The treatment area is numbed to ensure your comfort.
  • The tooth is prepped – damaged structure is removed and the tooth is shaped to hold the crown.
  • The doctor takes three dimensional images.
  • Robust CAD/CAM computer software precisely designs your crown.
  • An on-site milling machine fabricates the crown from a solid block of porcelain.
  • The crown is shaded to match existing dentition.
  • Dr. Hart cements the crown in place, with a final polish for sparkle.
  • The entire appointment usually takes two hours or less.

Providing same day, non-metal Ceramic crowns is just one example of Dr. Hart’s commitment to providing convenient dental care that contributes to whole body wellness and gorgeous smiles. Call Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA at (804) 381-6238 or email at to become a new patient or schedule an appointment.
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I love Dr. Hart! So gentle and calming. I love that the office has no chemical air fresheners or these things...all natural and clean air! Dr. Hart supports an 'organic-type' lifestyle (in one word, this is the best way for me to describe) and I am delighted to have a dentist that shares my healthy lifestyle choices! I was looking for a dentist who would take out all the old amalgam fillings in a healthy and the safest possible way... THE BEST!!
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