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New Patient Important Information

What We Want New Patients to Know about Richmond Family Dentistry

Beyond healthy smiles; transforming lives” is Richmond Family Dentistry’s motto.

We are committed to working as a team to bring your improved health vision to life. We believe there is a strong connection between oral health and overall health and a direct relationship between how you take care of your teeth and mouth and the wellbeing of your body.

Tooth-body connection is an indispensable aspect of our holistic dental care that Richmond Family Dentistry offers to its patients.

Our idea of perfect oral health is not only about enhancing the cosmetic look of your teeth and curing your dental ailments but, through our long-term holistic and comprehensive dental care, to help transform your life.

Our patients are self-disciplined in their commitment to oral and overall health, dedicated to and educated in a holistic approach to healthy lifestyle and come to our practice over many years and even decades to achieve and maintain their optimal oral and body health.

We hope you will become a dedicated patient of ours and look forward to welcoming and helping you at our practice!

While You Are Here Learn More about Richmond Family Dentistry Star Team and our Services

First, we encourage new patients to learn more about our marvelous doctor Olivia Hart: about her experience, specializations, degrees and diplomas; recognition by other doctors and patients alike; her constant pursuit of new knowledge, qualifications and skills in the field of holistic dentistry as well as her personal commitment to maintaining overall health through a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Hart listens to her patients, earns their trust and respect and does her best to exceed patient's expectations. She also provides a compassionate professional environment and works toward offering continuous improvement in patient’s oral healthcare.

Please also check the great team of employees that Dr. Hart works with and that turns her office into the star dental team in Richmond, VA and beyond.

It is always a great idea for new patients to peruse the rich gamut of Services at Richmond Family Dentistry grouped in different categories: General Dentistry; Holistic Dentistry; Cosmetic Dentistry; Specialized Services and learn about our procedures and treatments they are most interested in.

Patients should also check Your Dental Concern pages on our website that help them navigate to and find the information most relevant given their symptoms and oral distress they might be experiencing.

Making and Confirming Your First Appointment

Richmond Family Dentistry understands patients have busy schedules, and offers fast and easy appointment requests and online registration through its website.

We promise to get back to you as soon as possible; no later than within two business days to confirm your appointment.

Comprehensive Examination for New Patients at Richmond Family Dentistry

In response to a growing demand from patients and to offer the best dental care possible, Dr. Hart conducts a comprehensive oral health examination. She offers this examination to her new patients during their initial visit to Richmond Family Dentistry. The comprehensive examination lasts approximately 80 minutes and consists of multiple oral health tests, thorough diagnostic assessment and in-depth consultation with Dr. Hart and her staff. Informed by the examination results and subsequent discussion with Dr. Hart the most appropriate and effective comprehensive treatment plan is developed to address any and all oral health issues that the patient has. To learn more about and schedule the appointment for the comprehensive examination call (804) 381-6238 or email us at

Submit Online Forms Prior to Your Coming to the Office

When you schedule your appointment please also make sure to complete and submit these two online documents well before you come to our office:

New Patient’s Dental Records

New patients can have their dental records (PAs, CBCT scans, X-Rays, bitewings, etc.) emailed to us at no later than one business day before their first visit to Richmond Family Dentistry.

If the records are not available at least one business day before the appointment or supplied records are determined to be inadequate, not readable, outdated, or cannot be accepted for other reasons, we reserve the right to do our own diagnostics in the office before patients can see Dr. Hart.

New Patient’s Diagnostics at Richmond Family Dentistry

When applicable, all new patients will undergo diagnostics during the first appointment and prior to having Dr. Hart consult with them. These diagnostics can include:
  • 3D CBCT (Conebeam 3D Scan of jaws and teeth) ultralow dose radiation
  • Photography of the Face & Teeth
  • Intraoral HD Photos (lingual surfaces of teeth, oral mucosa, tissue ties)
  • Digital Bitewings or Peri-Apical Radiographic Images and Panorax low dose exposure
  • Physical Head & Neck Exam: Cranial Bones, TMJ, Neck Lympahitics, Tonsils,
  • Kinesiology Testing
Patients who will refuse requested diagnostics during their first visit to our office will not be able to meet with the doctor. We want to ensure that Dr. Hart has correct, comprehensive, up-to-date and clinically optimal information about each patient she meets to offer her best counsel possible. It is in the best interest of future Richmond Family Dentistry patients to follow our request regarding our in-house diagnostics.

New Patients’ First Visit to Richmond Family Dentistry

At Richmond Family Dentistry, we want to ensure that you have as comfortable, pleasant and positive experience as possible. We know how stressful dental procedures can be and will do our utmost to accommodate your needs and expectations.

At the same time, new patients must also come in with a positive attitude, an open mind, and readiness to change and improve not only their oral hygiene but their lifestyle.

We are proud to be the only holistic dentistry in the Richmond, VA area. We strongly believe that our commitment to looking at oral health from the whole-body perspective is imperative to long-term improvement in patients’ overall health. However, for that to happen, we expect from our patients endurance and perseverance in rigorously following recommended dental treatments and possible changes in patient’s diet, physical routine or//and work environment that Dr. Hart requests. Only then, will a simple dental-help seeker become a truly holistically-minded health doer and implementer!

This is a short list of what you are expected to do for your first appointment to help Dr. Hart conduct the best evaluation possible:
  1. Complete online registration form and, especially, fill in online a detailed dental and medical history form
  2. Arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your appointment
  3. Bring your good and positive energy and keep in mind that Dr. Hart is here to offer you a comprehensive diagnosis, treat you most effectively and help you feel great about your oral and overall health.

In Case You Need to Cancel Your Appointment

In case you need to cancel your appointment because of some unexpected circumstances, please cancel as early as possible, with AT LEAST a 48 business hours notice required for emergency cancellations to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee.

Please make sure to review our Reservation and Cancellation Fees Policy for new and existing patients.

Dr. Hart has a very busy schedule, including a long waitlist. If you cannot make your appointment, Richmond Family Dentistry wants to help another deserving patient in need like yourself. We are here for the benefit of all who want our help!

Insurance, Payment and Financing Options

Even though Richmond Family Dentistry is an out of network provider its office staff strive to make its holistic dental care affordable to its patients by helping them file claims to their insurance.

For out-of-pocket expenses, checks, cash, and credit cards are accepted. Additionally, financing is offered through CareCredit, which allows patients to enjoy no interest financing and low minimum monthly payments that can make affording your dental care simple and attainable. If you are interested in learning more about our billing and assistance in your insurance claims for our services, please call our office at (804) 381-6238 or email us at for more details.


I have never received such a thorough and comprehensive dental appointment. The dental hygienist, Jessy, was very knowledgeable and professional as well as friendly and kind. Dr. Hart utilized multiple assessment tools to determine an appropriate treatment plan. I left the office with several recommendations including supplement support for cavity prevention! My whole family will be receiving her services.
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