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Answers for all of your dental and oral problems in Richmond, VA

While preventive dental care is an important foundation for everyone’s oral health, there are times when you need more than just a check-up and cleaning. Even the most common dental problems can lead to an excruciating amount of pain and negatively impact your quality of life. At Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA, we use a holistic dental philosophy and biological materials and methods to truly heal your mouth.

We have compiled a list of common dental and oral problems that we treat, along with our holistic approach to resolving them. We encourage you to explore the following links to learn more!
  • Safe removal of mercury fillings: If you have mercury fillings in your mouth due to past tooth decay and are concerned about their potential toxic effects, we can safely remove them using a stringent protocol and replace them with a biocompatible material.
  • Root canal therapy alternatives: Toothaches can indicate decay or sometimes, trouble beneath the surface in the root canal. If you are seeking alternatives to a root canal , we might have options for you.
  • Tooth extraction & non-metal implant: Extreme tooth erosion or damage can lead to the need for extraction, but fortunately, with non-metal zirconia implants, patients can achieve an unparalleled look, feel, and function that mimics your natural tooth.
  • Metal in my teeth, mouth: Patients are increasingly aware of the negative effects of metal in their mouth. If you have metal restorations, we can safely remove and replace them with biological materials.
  • Tooth abscess: Bacterial overgrowth in your mouth can lead to the formation of an abscess, which can cause great discomfort and other negative effects.
  • Bleeding gums: Gum (periodontal) disease can lead to a number of unpleasant problems, including bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, mouth sores, gum recession, and even tooth loss. We provide several options to treat gum disease safely and effectively.
  • Bad breath: If you suffer from bad breath that doesn’t seem to improve with brushing and flossing regularly, we have options to help freshen your breath for good.
  • Broken or missing tooth: We provide cosmetic and restorative dentistry choices for chipped, cracked, or missing teeth that look and feel natural while being safe for your health.
  • TMJ, jaw pain, and headache: If you regularly suffer from jaw pain, headaches, or other seemingly vague issues, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder or TMD. Dr. Hart is experienced at diagnosing TMD and providing relevant treatments so you can get relief.

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At Richmond Family Dentistry, we are here to help with all your dental concerns. Whether you have a common issue such as pain in a tooth, feel like you have an unattractive smile, or have more uncommon symptoms that you suspect might be related to a dental problem, we are happy to discuss your concerns and provide healthy, long-lasting solutions. Call our office today at (804) 381-6238 or email us at!

Dental and Oral Problems Richmond, VA


This is the best dental office I have ever been treated in. The entire office staff is so friendly and helpful…The office is beautiful with stone set walls and soothing colors. I would highly recommend this office
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