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Clear Braces

  • Good option for misaligned teeth
  • more beautiful alternative to traditional braces
  • Gives a perfect looking smile

As an adult, a misaligned smile can have a negative effect on both personal and business relationships. Dr. Hart of the Richmond, Virginia area offers orthodontic treatments for adults who have struggled with crooked teeth and misalignment. Dr. Hart is proud to offer Clear Braces orthodontics for patients who want a more beautiful alternative to traditional braces.

No longer do patients have to undergo months, even years, of traditional orthodontics. Metal bracket and wire braces are nearly a thing of the past, thanks to Invisalign technology. Using clear aligner trays, patients are able to shift teeth into better alignment in approximately the same period without covering their teeth with unsightly metal during treatment. The clear aligner trays are worn day and night to gently push teeth into new positions. Patients can also remove their aligner trays to eat, drink, and brush and floss their teeth. This makes Clear Braces more hygienic than traditional metal bracket and wire braces placed by orthodontists. Additionally, patients can enjoy all the foods they've loved before. Traditional orthodontics required that patients avoid certain foods and candies during treatment. However, there are no restrictions with Clear Braces as the trays are removed for eating and drinking. Patients can now enjoy taffy, popcorn, and caramel without having to go against their dentist's orders.

Many teenagers and adults love having the ability to wear aligner trays instead of using metal to straighten their smile. The technology begins with the digital impressions taken of the patient's teeth. The impressions are computerized and sent to the clear braces laboratory, where the aligner trays are created. Each tray is worn for approximately two weeks, so patients will have an entire series of trays to wear from start to finish, one after the other. At the end of the treatment, patients may wear a retainer to keep their new smile in place for years to come!

Dr. Hart has Clear Braces treatment as part of her cosmetic dentistry offerings. Adults and teenagers can undergo this treatment and finally enjoy the benefits of a straight, aligned smile! Call today at (804) 381-6238 or email at to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about Clear Braces orthodontics!

Dr. Olivia Hart

Dr. Olivia Hart

DDS, NMD, IABDM & ICOI Fellow & AAIP Fellow

Dr. Olivia Hart, a highly accomplished dentist, is honored to serve her community in Glen Allen, VA. She has always sought to enrich her knowledge on dental health and to offer her patients the best comprehensive dental care possible. Her Richmond Family Dentistry provides services ranging from basic dental procedures to cosmetic dentistry and specialized dental services in Richmond.

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Dayna H.
Dr. Hart is gentle and professional, I knew I was in good hands during the entire procedure. Annie made my experience absolutely exceptional. She explained everything and made me feel very calm and comfortable before and during lunch the process. I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking safer dental care!
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