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Transforming your smile with porcelain veneers is easy with your Richmond holistic dentist

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing Veneers In Richmond

Teeth affect every part of our lives, from how we eat to how communicate, both verbally and nonverbally. The appearance of our teeth is paramount to successful interactions in the workplace, at school, and in social situations, and most adults agree an attractive smile is a valuable asset. Correcting the issues that make you feel apprehensive about smiling can make an enormous difference in your level of self-confidence and can even improve your personal interaction.

An array of cosmetic dentistry services can improve your smile. Dr. Hart takes a variety of factors into consideration when devising a treatment plan, including your concerns and goals. Designed in Dr. Hart’s Richmond office and created in a dental laboratory, porcelain veneers are flexible, safe, and effective at addressing discoloration, chips, gaps, and other issues.

While dentists have been placing veneers for decades, new and improved materials have emerged with porcelain being the material of choice. This ceramic is strong, stain-resistant, and lasts. It mimics the natural characteristics of tooth enamel. Due to its amazing similarity, porcelain covers a solitary tooth discreetly, or a set may restore the entire smile’s beauty.

Veneers are sheets of custom-crafted porcelain, whose color, shape, and size are designed to blend with surrounding teeth, the smile line, and overall facial features. The process begins with the preparation of the tooth or teeth to be treated. A small amount of surface enamel is removed, allowing for the porcelain shell to lie flush against the gums. Impressions are taken and sent to the dental lab for fabrication. If only a few teeth receive veneers, teeth whitening may be recommended.

Around ten days are needed to complete the process, because veneers are made off-site. Upon return to Richmond Family Dentistry, office, the veneers will be evaluated for shape, fit, and color. If modifications are needed, Dr. Hart makes them on the spot and then the veneers are bond perfectly into place.

Your smile is a focal point of your personal image. Perfect it with cosmetic treatment at your trusted Richmond holistic dental practice.


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Sara F.
We love Dr. Hart and her staff. Not only is Dr. Hart knowledgeable and exceptionally thoughtful in her care, but she also has a supportive staff (special shout-out to Sandy!) that makes our visits pleasant and easy. I love knowing that I can trust all of them with my family’s dental needs.
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