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Charlottesville VA patients ask, “what is the best whitening for sensitive teeth?”

best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth from expert dentist in Charlottesville VA

First impressions matter, whether you are meeting an important client, going on a date, or simply hoping to make new friends. You can take great care with clothing, cosmetics, hairstyle, and jewelry – but the most important accessory you need to wear is a brilliant smile. However, that can be challenging for people with sensitive teeth.   There are many teeth whitening options available to residents of Charlottesville, Richmond, and other VA communities. Here at Richmond Family Dentistry, we offer gentle, effective, and healthy solutions so that you can enjoy a dazzling smile in comfort. Gentle teeth whitening Despite the … Continue reading

Fredericksburg, VA, residents ask, “Do teeth whiteners really work?”

effective teeth whitening solutions from expert dentist in Fredericksburg, VA

If you spend a few minutes in the toothpaste aisle of your local drugstore, you’ll understand that there is no shortage of teeth whiteners available on the market. From special toothpastes to whitening strips, many residents in Fredericksburg, VA wonder if they can effectively whiten their teeth with these over-the-counter products.   Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry has helped countless patients improve their smiles by whitening their teeth. Can I whiten teeth on my own? While these products are often appealing because of their low cost, Dr. Hart advises patients to use caution if opting for a drug … Continue reading

Home teeth whitening in Richmond

Home teeth whitening solutions from expert dentist in Richmond

If your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, you may find yourself considering teeth whitening options. While the local drug store is full of products promising dramatic results, many dental patients in Richmond find that they usually don’t live up to their claims. Instead, these products fail to provide results, or cause damage to the patient’s teeth and gums.   If you are considering whitening your teeth at home, call Dr. Oliva Hart. She helps Richmond-area patients achieve their best and brightest smiles, while maintaining the health and integrity of teeth, mouth, and gums. The comforts of home While many patients want … Continue reading

Teeth whitening treatment saves you the cost of discoloration when you see your Richmond Dentist

cost effective teeth whitening procedures from expert dentist in Richmond

Tooth discoloration is one of the most prevalent cosmetic problems reported by adults in our country, and we can understand why. We are living in possibly the most beauty-conscious time in history, when we feel our best when we can maintain a “camera-ready” appearance. When it comes to the smile, this may seem more difficult than it really is. At Richmond Family Dentistry, the teeth whitening process offers patients a low-cost method of facial rejuvenation that works quickly and without the fear of tooth damage. Teeth whitening through the ages Humans’ desire for beauty is nothing new. We can look … Continue reading

Richmond dentist discusses the advantages of whitening teeth

best teeth whitening procedures from expert dentist in Richmond

Teeth whitening treatments are popular and effective for residents in Richmond who want to improve the appearance of their smiles. Dr. Olivia Hart and Richmond Family Dentistry offer several convenient options for whitening, including in-office and at-home kits that allow for treatment suited to individual needs. Richmond area patients no longer have to live with dingy or stained teeth. Why choose teeth whitening? Your smile is a way for you to connect with others. People may forget the color of your hair or what you were wearing when they met you, but they almost always remember your smile. Research has … Continue reading

Charlottesville, VA area patients get a boost in confidence with teeth whitening

best teeth whitening procedures from expert dentist in Charlottesville, VA

Your smile says a lot about you. In fact, it’s the most unique feature you have. Smiling is very important. It can help boost our moods, improve our self-image, and increase our confidence. Smile is vital in both the personal and professional world, affecting how we are perceived by others. A beautiful set of pearly whites can give us confidence, but unfortunately, many people are left with embarrassment over the color of their teeth. Luckily, there is a fast, effective, and affordable solution. If you are unhappy with the brightness and color of your teeth, teeth whitening is the answer. … Continue reading

Dentist near Fredericksburg, VA discusses teeth best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth from expert dentist in Fredericksburg, VA

Everyone knows appearance matters. The way your smile looks is important. It’s how you make friends and welcome family members. It’s also important to making a good first impression. Most people won’t remember what you were wearing, but they will remember if you had a show-stopping smile. At Richmond Family Dentistry, Dr. Olivia Hart and her team offer several great options for a vibrant, dazzling smile.   There are many different forms of teeth whitening. Over-the-counter methods like strips or pastes are available at your local drug store. In addition, there are professional methods, like in-office treatments and custom at-home … Continue reading

Richmond dentist recommends best methods for teeth whitening

best methods for teeth whitening from expert dentist in Richmond

Who wouldn’t love a bright, healthy, and engaging smile? A smile lifts the spirits. If your smile is dull or not what it used to be, professional teeth whitening may be the boost you need.   While over-the-counter products claim to whiten teeth, many use abrasive ingredients that may harm hard and soft tissues. Some products are ineffective, difficult to use, and messy. The best methods for teeth whitening use professional-grade, safe, and effective whitening agents.   At Richmond Family Dentistry, serving the greater Richmond region, Dr. Olivia Hart and the team love it when patients smile with confidence. Providing … Continue reading

What methods of teeth whitening are available for Charlottesville area patients?

wide variety of professional teeth whitening procedures from dentist in Richmond

A whiter, brighter smile is the ultimate in health and wellness. It boosts self-confidence and heightens attractiveness. It makes a favorable first impressions, advances careers, and personal relationships. Patients are more likely to share beautiful smiles with others, and to laugh, smile, and talk unabashedly. Patients in and around the Charlottesville area often turn to Richmond Family Dentistry to learn more about smile-enhancing teeth whitening methods.   Dr. Olivia Hart’s patients learn about two common methods to improve the appearance of their teeth: take-home whitening kits and in-office power bleaching. Both methods are extremely effective at helping patients achieve a … Continue reading

Choosing from the variety of teeth whitening methods in Richmond important to your smile

wide variety of teeth whitening procedures from dentist in Richmond

Having a bright white smile is not just a luxury; it could actually be a prime asset in this day and age. Even if you’re not a Hollywood celebrity, your smile is looked at each and every day. In your social, as well as your professional life, your smile speaks volumes without you having to say a word. To that end, the appearance of your teeth is vitally important to the overall beauty of your smile.   Whitening your teeth may help you feel more confident, and is likely to make you look younger, healthier, and even cause people to … Continue reading


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