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Sleep apnea treatment recommended for couples in 23233

Sleep Apnea Treatment , Richmond Family Dentistry

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a chronic breathing disorder with potentially grave health consequences. It robs you of the regenerative benefits of restful sleep, increasing risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, liver problems, and more. OSA also steals relationships. Nonsurgical treatment from Dr. Olivia Hart is recommended to restore bedtime bliss for couples in the 23233 Zip Code area dealing with sleep apnea.

The importance of intimacy

Bedtime is about more than sex. For many couples, this is a chance to reconnect on every level. Quiet conversation leads to cuddling and deep sleep, safe in the reassurance of one another’s close company.

Obstructive sleep apnea is characterized by:

  • Loud snoring.
  • Nerve-wracking periods of breathing cessation.
  • Jarring snorts, chokes, and jerks.

It takes its toll on a relationship, usually driving a sleep mate to the furthest edge of the bed, then to the sofa or spare room.

Resentment builds. You may deny the problem, or act defensively, but OSA is not your fault. It is a medical condition.

An alternative to CPAP

For many years, an apneic’s only options were surgery or CPAP, a noisy machine that holds the airway open with a continuous flow delivered through a facemask. Does that sound romantic? Dr. Hart suggests an alternative – oral appliance therapy.

Just slip this small device, about the size of a retainer, into place before you go to sleep. It holds the mouth slightly open and the jaw a bit forward, as it depresses the tongue for an open airway and natural breathing. You can speak, take a sip of water, even kiss with it in place.

In many cases, an oral appliance alleviates or dramatically reduces OSA. To find out if you are a good candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hart at Richmond Family Dentistry. The number is (804) 381-6238.


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