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An Occlusal guard from a dentist in Glen Allen, VA protects your teeth from grinding

Occlusal Guard for Teeth Grinding in Richmond area

If you regularly wake up with a sore jaw or headache or have noticed that some of your teeth look flatter or sharper than the others, you may suffer from a condition called “bruxism.” Simply put, you may be clenching and grinding your teeth at night. Because this happens while you sleep, you don’t have any control over the condition, and it can seem impossible to treat. Fortunately, with an occlusal guard, you can protect your teeth and find relief from your symptoms. At Richmond Family Dentistry, Dr. Olivia Hart is highly skilled at recognizing the signs of bruxism and … Continue reading

Ceramic implants restore missing teeth without metal at holistic dental practice Glen Allen, VA

Ceramic implants restore missing teeth without metal at holistic dental practice Glen Allen, VA

Losing a tooth is more than an inconvenience – it can cause issues with how you eat, how you speak, and perhaps most importantly, your self-confidence. At Richmond Family Dentistry in Glen Allen, VA we understand how difficult it can be to choose a tooth replacement option after losing a tooth to extraction, trauma, decay, or disease. Ceramic implants are one of the most common choices for replacing lost teeth at our holistic dental practice, and for good reason. Ceramic implants are the best substitute for a natural tooth, and with the use of biocompatible materials and holistic treatment processes … Continue reading

Holistic dentist in Glen Allen, VA answers, “How does gum disease affect my body?”

How Does Gum Disease Affect My Body in Richmond area

Gum disease is an inflammatory condition that can affect your whole body. Unfortunately, it is extremely common in the United States and affects over half of the population over the age of 30, but when it is promptly detected at its early stages, you can treat it and restore your gums back to health. Dr. Olivia Hart and the team at Richmond Family Dentistry also provide holistic treatment options for patients who have more advanced stages of periodontitis. Below, we answer the question, “How does gum disease affect my body?” and provide other important information about preventing and treating gum … Continue reading

Child friendly dentistry in Glen Allen, VA keeps your whole family smiling

Child Friendly Dentistry in Richmond area

Finding a dentist that your child feels comfortable and happy visiting can be a difficult feat, but at Richmond Family Dentistry, you will find the child friendly dental care you have been seeking. With a warm and inviting atmosphere and friendly staff, your child will feel right at home and will even enjoy visiting the dentist! Dr. Olivia Hart in Glen Allen, VA is highly skilled at catering to the special dental needs of children throughout all stages of the child’s oral development, and ensures that parents are well-informed about their child’s oral health and how to maintain it. Why … Continue reading

SmoothLase laser facial treatment in Glen Allen, VA restores youthful skin that complements a stunning smile

Beautiful young woman with clean skin

Historically, invasive surgical procedures or injectable dermal fillers may have been the only ways to restore youthful texture and firmness; however, many of these treatments have an elevated risk of complications and also place extensive demands on your body (and time) for recovery. Today, your trusted provider of dentistry with a holistic touch, Olivia Hart DDS & MD, IABDM, regains smooth, wrinkle-free skin gently, safely, and quickly from the inside out. Skin rejuvenation with Smoothlase® laser facial treatment in Glen Allen, VA There are many different types of lasers used by dermatologists to refresh the skin. These laser devices are … Continue reading

Better health through better sleep: Safe and advanced non-surgical sleep apnea treatment for kids in Richmond

Girl suffering from Sleep Apnea

Children with sleep apnea are six times more likely to suffer from Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms than their counterparts without sleep apnea, according to a study conducted by University of Arizona Tucson researchers and published in the journal Sleep. Your providers of dentistry with a holistic touch, Dr. Olivia Hart and her dental team, see many kids who have sleep apnea but were formerly thought to have ADHD. This common condition characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep is frequently misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed in children. Dr. Hart and her team offer Richmond Sleep Apnea Treatment for Kids that … Continue reading

Healthy-savvy patients in Glen Allen, VA choose zirconia implants treatment

Zirconia implants are part of the healthy holistic treatment approach at Richmond Family Dentistry.

There was a time when patients took the recommendations of their doctors without question. Today’s healthcare consumer is well-informed and becomes an integral part of treatment planning. Many of them in the Glen Allen, VA area are choosing zirconia dental implants, for treatment that is both biocompatible and aesthetic. Dental implant basics Each tooth in your mouth has roots that extend into the jawbone, forming a symbiotic relationship. Bone anchors the root, holding the tooth in place. In turn, through repeated bite pressure, the root signals the body to send minerals and nutrients that keep bone strong. When a tooth … Continue reading

Dental whitening in Glen Allen, VA fits beautifully into a holistic strategy

Dr. Hart utilizes non-toxic materials, products, and techniques to keep smiles looking their healthy best.

You probably shave or apply makeup in the morning, comb your hair, and give some consideration to your outfit for the day. Why? It is human nature to crave acceptance. Knowing that others find you pleasant to look at is important to how you feel about yourself. That is one of the reasons professional dental whitening is a popular service at Richmond Family Dentistry in Glen Allen, VA. In Dr. Olivia Hart’s care, whitening is a safe and healthy part of an individualized plan of holistic dental care. A holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry Biological (also known as holistic or … Continue reading

Discover the benefits of mercury safe dentistry with holistic dental services in Glen Allen, VA

Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry offers holistic dental services as part of a commitment to care for the whole patient.

For years, the mouth was thought of and treated separately from the rest of the body. The teeth, gums, and oral cavity were treated without considering the impact on the entire patient. Located in Glen Allen, VA, Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry offers holistic dental services as part of a commitment to care for the whole patient. As part of this commitment, our team provides mercury safe dental treatment to protect our patients’ health. Mercury safe dentistry comes with benefits to preserve our patients’ wellness. Mercury safe dentistry There have been concerns about the dangers of mercury for … Continue reading

Patients ask what to expect from laser dental care in Glen Allen, VA

Laser Dental Care in Glen Allen VA

Laser dental care offers high-quality tools as part of today’s advanced dental technology. Located in Glen Allen, VA, Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry offers this innovative technology. Laser dentistry sets the bar high with superior precision, minimal bleeding, a lower risk of infection, and faster healing. Patients benefit from less pain and discomfort during and after laser treatments. For individuals who fear dental work, laser dental care is easy and comfortable. What is laser dental care? Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In 1990, the FDA declared laser dental care safe for patients. Since … Continue reading


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