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Richmond area dentist explains nitrous oxide sedation

nitrous oxide sedation explained by dentist in Richmond VA

Many patients who visit Richmond Family Dentistry may be uneasy about sitting in the dental chair for one or more procedures. Patients with dental anxiety may benefit from sedation. Dr. Olivia Hart offers many methods of sedation.
Nitrous oxide is an odorless, colorless gas mixed with oxygen and administered through the nose to reduce anxiety and allow patients to relax during treatment. Patients are awake and coherent, though many become relaxed enough to fall asleep. Others become giddy.
There are many benefits to nitrous oxide.

Ability to Drive

Unlike oral conscious sedation, which requires patients take medication before their appointment and arrange transportation, nitrous oxide can be administered and removed from the system quickly. Patients don’t have side effects and can drive themselves to and from the appointment.

Fast Acting

Nitrous oxide can be administered quickly, and take effect in just a few minutes. Patients relax soon after the gas is given.

No Side Effects

Nitrous oxide is quickly removed from the system with the administration of oxygen after treatment. There are no side effects, and patients don’t feel groggy after they have a procedure with nitrous oxide.
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Dr. Hart and the staff at Richmond Family Dentistry are incredibly compassionate and accommodating. My kids, 7 and 11, both happily go to the dentist as do my husband and myself, both of which did not enjoy our dentist experiences growing up. Knowing that my family gets healthy, non-toxic dental health is the priority and having it all be a pleasant experience is a HUGE bonus. Thank you for providing such an amazing option for optimum health on many levels.
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