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We take the importance of the entire body into account while practicing biological dentistry in Richmond

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Describing Importance Of Biological Dentistry

A new form of dentistry has emerged. Holistic dentists are often known for not placing amalgam fillings. Richmond Family Dentistry holds true to this standard, and goes above and beyond this level of care. Biological dentistry has a wider scope. The term “holistic” doesn’t simply describe techniques used by Dr. Olivia Hart and her team, but the general philosophy behind the importance of excellent dental care. Dr. Hart’s biological dentistry practice in Richmond revolves around total health, not just that of the teeth and gums.

It’s now become common knowledge that gum health affects general health; periodontal disease is linked to serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Hart has extensive training in understanding the long-term effects of dental treatments on the body.

Choosing a holistic dentist to care for your teeth and gums puts your oral health in the hands of a professional who sees the big picture. Richmond Family Dentistry is equipped with tools that minimize risk and increase wellbeing, such as digital X-rays to reduce radiation exposure and state-of-the-art air filtration. When receiving dental care, each patient is looked at as a unique individual. Dr. Hart’s job is not to simply address a specific symptom, but to determine the most suitable materials and techniques to enhance overall health.

Not every patient has the same needs, or the same reaction to materials. By providing personalized care, your holistic dentist performs biocompatibility assessments to assure the healthiest outcome is reached, rather than just to use the most common treatment.

The use or avoidance of amalgam is only the tip of the iceberg for holistic dentists. Dr. Hart uses composite alternatives that are more attractive, more effective, and far safer, and she follows strict safety protocols for the removal and handling of existing amalgam fillings. Patient health comes first.

Your teeth and gums are connected to the rest of your body. Enjoy your best health with a holistic approach to dental care. Schedule your visit with Dr. Hart.


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