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Why our holistic dentistry practice near Charlottesville uses only white filling and porcelain materials…

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Proving Holistic Dentistry in Charlottes

In a perfect scenario, there would be no cavities for all. Unfortunately, teeth are susceptible to many factors, and some patients are more prone to dental problems. As a respected holistic dentist, Dr. Olivia Hart works with patients of all ages to promote oral care and gain control over harmful bacteria that weaken enamel and soft tissues. In addition to performing oral cancer screenings on all new patients, Dr. Hart is careful to choose only the best materials for dental restorations.

Most people don’t look forward to getting a filling, but the actual procedure is only a temporary inconvenience. The real impact of something as small as a dental filling comes in time.

It’s accepted that mercury is a poisonous substance. Due to its dangerous health implications, mercury has been removed from consumer products around the world.

Advanced materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin have emerged to take the place of amalgam fillings that contain mercury. These materials are safe and effective. As a holistic dental practice, Richmond Family Dentistry understands dental treatment has an impact on the body, and adheres to strict protocols that guard your health.

Enjoy a healthy mouth and body. Contact your holistic dentist near Charlottesville for a higher level of dental care.


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I love this office!!! The staff and Dr. are top notch. I always feel well cared for whether I am there for repair or maintenance. They make me feel like I'm being taken care of by a family member.
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