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Is it time to switch to a holistic dentist in Virginia?

- Holistic dentist, Dr. Olivia Hart, cares for the oral health of families in Virginia with methods that support wellness. Richmond

An increasing number of people in Virginia and across the country are gradually moving toward holistic healthcare providers. The term may automatically bring to mind chiropractic or acupuncture, but this type of practitioner can now be found in virtually every field from gynecology to dentistry. They take an integrated approach, working together to maintain the patient’s overall wellness. Finding a holistic dentist is a great place to start.

Why you might seek the services of a holistic dentist in Virginia

It is important to understand that you are not in an “either/or” position choosing between a conventional dentist and a holistic dentist. Biological dentistry is built upon the strong foundation of traditional dental training and techniques. However, it pulls in other prevention, diagnosis, and treatment techniques based in science and alternative medicine (some dating back centuries). The goal is to provide the highest level of dental care that supports whole body wellness, using the safest, most natural materials and methods.

Each person’s motivation is for switching to a holistic dentist is unique, but here are some of the reasons commonly heard by Dr. Olivia Hart at her practice, Richmond Family Dentistry:

  • I am new to the Richmond area, and I need a qualified, compassionate general dentist for my whole family.
  • I want to provide my child with the healthiest possible start in life.
  • My health seems to be spiraling downward, with one chronic condition after another. I don’t know where else to turn.
  • I am weary of taking medicines (with side effects) for relief of symptoms. I want to have the underlying cause of my health issues addressed.
  • I have pain in my head, neck, or jaw.
  • I am not comfortable with the use of harsh chemicals in or on my body.
  • I do not want mercury near my brain 24/7/365.
  • I do not want metal in my mouth.
  • I want to have silver-colored mercury amalgam fillings removed safely – for aesthetic reasons or for the potential health benefits.
  • I want to feel better and live well, and I believe that the condition of my mouth is a factor.
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Each holistic dentist has a personalized style of patient care, combining philosophies and methods where he or she has training, experience, and good results.

What to expect from biological dentistry services

Each holistic dentist has a personalized style of patient care, combining philosophies and methods where he or she has training, experience, and good results. Finding an excellent fit for your dental health ad wellness goals is essential to developing a bond of trust with your new dentist. It makes sense to take some time to learn about the doctor’s credentials and methodology.

Dr. Hart, of course, holds a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS). She also has academic background in chemistry and linguistics. As a member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, the Holistic Dental Association, and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, she stays up to date with the latest developments in the field of biological dental care.

Her patient-centric services include a full range of preventive, restorative, general, and cosmetic treatments, all with a whole-health perspective:

  • Mercury-free fillings that blend unnoticeably with natural dentition.
  • Safe removal of amalgam fillings, with adherence to strict IAOMT standards that protect the patient, dental team, and environment from mercury vapor and waste.
  • Fluoride-free prophylactic cavity prevention techniques.
  • Metal-free crowns – designed, fabricated, and placed on-site in just one visit.
  • Zirconia dental implants and ceramic bridges to replace missing teeth. These procedures help to avoid the need for root canal therapy, which can trap chemical toxins and bacteria in the body.
  • Biocompatibility testing to reduce risk of reaction to dental restorations.
  • Gentle ozone therapies for natural disinfection and improved capacity to heal.
  • Clear braces and ALF functional therapy to straighten teeth.
  • Beautiful cosmetic solutions such has teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.
  • The option of nitrous oxide (inhaled gas) or oral conscious (pill form) sedation for nervous patients or extensive treatments.Dr. Hart, of course, holds a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS).
  • Homeopathic remedies that stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities.
  • Nutritional counseling.
  • Leading edge technologies for diagnosis and treatment.

Are you are searching for a holistic dentist in Virginia, who works with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your health and your smile? Please call Richmond Family Dentistry at (804) 381-6238  to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hart. New patients of all ages are welcomed by this holistic dentist.


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Sara F.
We love Dr. Hart and her staff. Not only is Dr. Hart knowledgeable and exceptionally thoughtful in her care, but she also has a supportive staff (special shout-out to Sandy!) that makes our visits pleasant and easy. I love knowing that I can trust all of them with my family’s dental needs.
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