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Patients ask what to expect from laser dental care in Richmond, VA

Laser Dental Care in Richmond VA

Laser dental care offers high-quality tools as part of today’s advanced dental technology. Located in Richmond, VA, Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry offers this innovative technology. Laser dentistry sets the bar high with superior precision, minimal bleeding, a lower risk of infection, and faster healing. Patients benefit from less pain and discomfort during and after laser treatments. For individuals who fear dental work, laser dental care is easy and comfortable. What is laser dental care? Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In 1990, the FDA declared laser dental care safe for patients. Since then, … Continue reading

Patients discover laser dentistry uses from a Richmond, VA laser dental clinic

Richmond, VA, Dr. Olivia Hart and the professional team at Richmond Family Dentistry

Located in Richmond, VA, Dr. Olivia Hart and the professional team at Richmond Family Dentistry put their patients’ health first. As a holistic dental practice, the focus is on the health and wellness of the whole patient. This comes with the understanding that the health of the mouth affects the body. Materials, technologies, and procedures are selected to ensure their safety and compatibility with the individual patient. Patients searching for a laser dental clinic can rest easily knowing Dr. Hart and her team offer laser dentistry services that are safe and fall under her holistic practice ideals. Advanced laser technologies … Continue reading

Richmond, VA practice uses airway dentistry to address common breathing problems

Dr. Olivia Hart and the professional team at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA

Sleep apnea, mouth breathing, and problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are issues that affect the ability to eat, sleep, and breathe. A single one can create many effects. Dr. Olivia Hart and the professional team at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA are able to identify and treat these conditions and many others. By understanding the airway and its effects on dentistry, Dr. Hart can offer treatments to keep your mouth-body connection strong. Whatever enters your mouth, good or bad, has an impact on your overall health. Your mouth is the portal to the rest of the body. As … Continue reading

Laser dentistry treatment: A gentle approach to oral care in Richmond, VA

Laser Dentistry, Richmond Family Dentistry

Many people have become inured to a mistaken idea that discomfort must accompany dental procedures. Be assured, that does not have to be the case. Modern dentistry is continually evolving, with innovative technologies that make treatment more predictable and comfortable. Dr. Oliva Hart is passionate about helping all patients in the Richmond, VA area get the dental care they need and cosmetic enhancements they want, without apprehension. Laser dentistry is one of the ways she ensures efficient, non-traumatic treatment. What is laser dentistry? A laser instrument emits a narrow, intense beam of energy created by a wavelength of light. This … Continue reading

Is it time to switch to a holistic dentist in Virginia?

- Holistic dentist, Dr. Olivia Hart, cares for the oral health of families in Virginia with methods that support wellness. Richmond

An increasing number of people in Virginia and across the country are gradually moving toward holistic healthcare providers. The term may automatically bring to mind chiropractic or acupuncture, but this type of practitioner can now be found in virtually every field from gynecology to dentistry. They take an integrated approach, working together to maintain the patient’s overall wellness. Finding a holistic dentist is a great place to start. Why you might seek the services of a holistic dentist in Virginia It is important to understand that you are not in an “either/or” position choosing between a conventional dentist and a … Continue reading

Oral health at the speed of light with laser dental care in Richmond, VA

Dr. Hart uses a hard tissue laser to gently remove areas of decay, without drilling

Once, lasers were the stuff of science fiction movies and advanced engineering labs. Today lasers are common in everyday life, from desktop printers to barcode scanners at retail stores and light shows at entertainment venues. Laser technology has revolutionized dental care, too. Dr. Olivia Hart is pleased to bring the advantages of this leading-edge level of care to patients in the Richmond, VA area. Many types of lasers for dental treatments A laser produces light in a single color (monochromatic) with each wave in identical size and shape (coherent). The color and coherent generated depends on materials at the core … Continue reading

Far beyond cleaning and fillings: Richmond, VA dentist discusses airway dental treatments

Richmond, VA holistic dentist, Dr. Olivia Hart, provides effective airway dental treatments for improved sleep and wellness.

When you think of dentistry, images of teeth cleaning and cavity filling probably come to mind. Those are fundamentals of dentistry that most people have experienced. Yet tremendous advances have been made in the field. As a holistic dentist with a deep understanding of the mouth-body connection, Dr. Olivia Hart is well-qualified to treat a variety of conditions, including airway disorders, with dental treatments. Here she answers some of the questions patients in the Richmond, VA area have about this topic. Why do we breathe? Humans breathe in to send oxygen to cells. They need oxygen to generate energy to … Continue reading

Recommended care for patients in Richmond with porcelain veneers

Chew Ice, Richmond Family Dentistry

Veneers are a wonderful way to conceal enamel flaws and bring beautiful symmetry to your smile. They can last many years if you care for them properly. Dr. Olivia Hart provides these recommended care tips for patients in the Richmond area with porcelain veneers. Hygiene Veneers cannot develop cavities. However, they are simply thin shells of porcelain adhered to natural tooth structure, which can decay. It is vitally important to: Brush after meals. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive paste to avoid scratching veneers. Floss nightly. Limit between meal snacking to reduce risk of tooth decay. Cut back on … Continue reading

Do you need a specialist in Richmond to treat TMJ?

Treat TMJ, Richmond Family Dentistry

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reports that more than ten million Americans suffer from TMJ disorders. Many tolerate the jaw pain, limited mouth mobility, and headaches associated with TMJ because they don’t feel they can afford the time or expense of seeing a specialist in Richmond. Treating TMJ dysfunction Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is not a recognized medical or dental specialty. Thus, there are no laws regulating advertising as a TMJ specialist, and no established care standards. Anyone with a medical or dental degree can legally treat TMD. Does that mean that all of them … Continue reading

Sleep apnea treatment recommended for couples in 23233

Sleep Apnea Treatment , Richmond Family Dentistry

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a chronic breathing disorder with potentially grave health consequences. It robs you of the regenerative benefits of restful sleep, increasing risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, liver problems, and more. OSA also steals relationships. Nonsurgical treatment from Dr. Olivia Hart is recommended to restore bedtime bliss for couples in the 23233 Zip Code area dealing with sleep apnea. The importance of intimacy Bedtime is about more than sex. For many couples, this is a chance to reconnect on every level. Quiet conversation leads to cuddling and deep sleep, safe in the reassurance of one … Continue reading


My wife, daughter and I have had our teeth cleaned and dental work done at Richmond Family Dentistry since the early 1990s. They have always taken excellent care of our teeth and are AWESOME and OUTSTANDING IN EVERY WAY!
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