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What are Lip and tongue tie and treatment options available

Dentist for Lip and Tongue Tie in Glen Allen VA Area

Have you been advised that your child has a lip or tongue tie? Are you unsure as to what this means and what treatment entails? Dr. Olivia Hart of Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, Virginia, is a dedicated dentist who can provide solutions for patients who have been diagnosed with lip and tongue tie. 

What is lip and tongue tie? 

Lip and tongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia or congenital lingual-fascial band (lingual frenulum), is a condition where the tissue that connects the top surface of the tongue to the lower lip is much shorter compared to normal. This shortness can cause dysfunction in breastfeeding and speech development. According to Dr. Olivia Hart, many parents are unaware that their child has a shortened lingual frenulum since it tends to go undetected from birth. In most cases, children will outgrow this limited range of motion by age three years old without any necessary treatment. Still, early intervention is key to reducing the risk of any complications. 

What is done for lip and tongue tie? 

Depending on the severity of lip and tongue tie, Dr. Hart performs a customized treatment plan for each patient. A few options include: 

  • Cutting the tissue so it can be stretched out with time
  • Removing tissue completely
  • Using lasers to break the band without cutting

The best course of action will depend on your child’s specific diagnosis and how it is presented in their case. 

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What happens after surgery?

Immediately following treatment, your child will experience minor swelling around their mouth area, which should resolve within twenty-four hours post-op. Depending on what procedure was done, they may need to take Tylenol or Motrin to address any pain or discomfort. This discomfort is often well-managed with over-the-counter medications and does not require prescription-strength pharmaceuticals. 

How do I learn more about treatment for lip and tongue tie? 

Glen Allen, VA area parents who are concerned about lip and tongue tie or have been told their child has this condition, will want to converse with a professional to discuss treatment options. Dr. Olivia Hart and her team can be called at (804) 381-6238 to request an appointment at the office located at 4932 Dominion Blvd, Suite C.

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