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Charlottesville area dentist describes dental bonding

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Provding Dental Bonding

Patients who are not appropriate candidates for porcelain veneers or who are want a more affordable option should acquaint themselves with dental bonding. Dr. Olivia Hart provides patients in the Charlottesville area with a variety of aesthetic services at Richmond Family Dental, including bonding.

A composite material applied to an area of concern, bonding restores the aesthetics of a tooth while allowing it to function at its best. It recreates a smile by adding to tooth structure. This composite material bonds easily to the tooth, and is applied, hardened, and polished to blend in with the surface of the tooth for a natural, beautiful look. It is less costly than alternative options such as veneers and crowns and can last several years with proper care.

Dental bonding may be used as a filling for decayed teeth, or to resurface a tooth that has experienced chipping or cracking. It also reshapes a tooth, covers up imperfections such as permanent stains that don’t respond to bleaching solutions. The material is extremely hard and durable but is not stain-resistant. Patients are advised to maintain proper oral hygiene to reduce discoloration.

Some patients consider bonding to be a transitional solution between permanent aesthetic options such as veneers. It gives patients the opportunity to “test out” a look on their natural teeth before undergoing more invasive cosmetic treatment. Dental bonding can be removed and replaced as necessary.

Dr. Hart and Richmond Family Dentistry offer many other cosmetic solutions to restore patients’ smiles. She provides a wide selection of treatments, and many problems have several options. During a consultation and initial examination with oral cancer screening, ask Dr. Hart about various treatments that can also create a more perfect smile.


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