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Unexpected benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatment in Glen Allen, VA

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment, Richmond Family Dentistry

“Cosmetic dentistry” describes any treatment performed specifically to improve the appearance of the smile. In Glen Allen, VA, it means a bit more. Dr. Olivia Hart and her team at Richmond Family Dentistry have been enhancing smiles for many years. They find that patients experience some surprising benefits. Improved oral health A cosmetic dental treatment, whether teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or a complex smile makeover, is a conscious investment of time and financial resources. Most patients take extra steps to protect that investment. They may: Brush and floss more diligently. Wear a mouth guard. Be sure to keep regular checkup … Continue reading

Why Richmond area patients may consider the assistance of a cosmetic dentist

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Image Of Dental treatment

Patients concerned with the aesthetics of their smile should turn to cosmetic dentist Dr. Olivia Hart at Richmond Family Dentistry. Your smile is often the first impression you make to others. Patients who work in people-facing career fields may feel particularly self-conscious about smile imperfections. When problems such as stained and broken teeth or misalignment inhibit the ability to look your best, you may want to an appointment to acquaint yourself with the many methods available to improve your appearance and oral health. In many instances, patients may benefit from treatments such as bonding, veneers, or orthodontics that cover up … Continue reading

Why Fredericksburg, VA area patients should consider services by a cosmetic dentist

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Smiling Woman Image

The smile is the first impression. This can be cause for concern for patients in the Fredericksburg, VA area who don’t have a naturally beautiful smile. If you’re self-conscious about permanent stains and yellowing, misalignment, or broken and unusually shaped teeth, visit Richmond Family Dentistry. A quality cosmetic dentist like Dr. Olivia Hart can enhance your natural smile in a safe, effective, and affordable manner. As a biological dentist in the Fredericksburg, VA area, Dr. Hart also believes in providing patients with a wide range of mercury-safe solutions for smile enhancement. She also provides oral cancer screenings for new patients. … Continue reading

Can a general dentist in the Glen Allen, VA area provide cosmetic dentistry services?

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing General Dentistry

A general dentist in the Glen Allen, VA area is a dental professional who provides a wide range of preventative services including cleanings, examinations, fillings, and restorations. This same dentist can provide cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Olivia Hart and Richmond Family Dentistry offer general and cosmetic services to encourage patients to take control of their smile, and to achieve better health and wellness and an appearance they’ll love. At Richmond Family Dentistry, we provide a wide range of services to suit patients of all ages, including children and seniors. Entire households can book appointments with our team and enjoy a … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist offers biological and holistic approach for Glen Allen, VA patients

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing Cosmetic dentistry in richmond

In the rapidly changing world of dental medicine, there exists a wide and variable range of dentistry practices and philosophies, from conventional dental procedures to highly technical treatments. At Richmond Family Dentistry, serving patients in Richmond, Charlottesville, and surrounding VA communities, Dr. Olivia Hart and the team believe in offering the latest technologies and equipment, and holistic, biological, and conservative approaches. Serving the needs of families for nearly 30 years, Dr. Hart believes in treating each patient with his or her whole-body health in mind. It’s critical to know patients and understand their goals, family histories, and unique needs. Oral … Continue reading

Four factors to consider when choosing a cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg, VA

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing Best Cosmetic Dentistry Service

Cosmetic dentistry typically refers to dental treatments that enhance the appearance of your smile without necessarily treating an oral health concern. Many cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures do more than give you a dazzling smile; they may improve the function of your teeth and allow for better oral hygiene. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg or Charlottesville, VA, consider several key factors such as: Does the practice offer full-service dental care beyond cosmetic treatment? Are the materials used in cosmetic procedures safe? What are the qualifications of the doctor? Does the practice emphasize patient comfort and … Continue reading

Richmond dentist provides tips to find a cosmetic dental treatment to achieve your desired goals

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing tips of finding dentist

Finding a cosmetic dentist is an important decision. Many Richmond individuals wonder how they can find the best cosmetic dentist in their area. We offer the following tips: Ask your friends. Like many recommendations, the best search often starts with a trusted friend or relative. If a friend has recently had cosmetic dental work done, ask for a referral. If your sister can’t stop talking about her dentist, ask if he or she also provides cosmetic services. Review recent work. Once you have several names to consider, look at websites and ask for patient testimonials and before and after photos. This … Continue reading

How cosmetic dentistry is creating healthier smiles in Glen Allen, VA

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Image Of Mature Woman

Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of your smile and gives a well-deserved boost to self-confidence. Did you know that it can also improve oral health? Dr. Olivia Hart at Richmond Family Dentistry often sees this unexpected benefit with her patients in the Glen Allen, VA area. Beautiful restorations In its strictest definition, cosmetic dentistry is any treatment intended solely to enhance the appearance of a tooth or the entire smile. This typically includes teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or crowns (placed for aesthetic reasons only). However, many restorative treatments dramatically improve the look of your smile while reinstating chewing function, fostering bone density, and contributing to … Continue reading

Charlottesville dentist offers cosmetic dentistry options for patients who are missing teeth

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing Missing Teeth Treatment

Losing your teeth can be a devastating experience and can have negative impact beyond the appearance of your smile. Tooth loss weakens the bone structure necessary to support existing teeth, and impairs your ability to eat or speak comfortably. Depending upon the severity of the condition, it may affect your facial structure and appearance. Men and those over the age of 35 are more susceptible to total tooth loss. Other risk factors include: Insufficient daily home care Lack of regular exams and professional cleanings Smoking or use of other tobacco products Health conditions such as hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes … Continue reading

Your choice in dentures from your Richmond dentist makes a difference in beauty and function

Dr oliviya heart, Richmond Family Dentistry Providing Denture in Richmond

Conventional removable dentures have been the standard of care. Today, those requiring the replacement of many or all teeth have options to choose from at Richmond Family Dentistry. Rather than assuming dentures are all the same, consider the differences between fixed and removable appliances. In the end, your choice has big implications for confidence and comfort. The primary difference between removable and fixed dentures is clear. Fixed dentures are attached to anchors or dental implants within the jaw. Removable dentures are like what you may have seen your parents or grandparents wear. If you are familiar with conventional removable dentures, … Continue reading


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Dr. Hart is gentle and professional, I knew I was in good hands during the entire procedure. Annie made my experience absolutely exceptional. She explained everything and made me feel very calm and comfortable before and during lunch the process. I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking safer dental care!
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