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The best solution for missing teeth is dental implants from your Richmond dentist

dental implant for missing teeth from Richmond dentist

Tooth loss is a real problem. Many people aged 35 and older are missing at least one permanent tooth. It’s easy to think the primary benefit of tooth replacement is aesthetic, but our teeth are important to far more than a pretty smile. The loss of a single permanent tooth leaves a gap that surrounding teeth will eventually shift into, a condition that also provides a breeding ground for decay-producing bacteria.
There is even more reason to find an appropriate solution when several teeth are missing. All parts of the oral structure work together. Bone tissue in the jaw keeps teeth stable. There is a reverse benefit to this structure, too. Natural teeth roots reach bone through the periodontal ligament, stimulating bone tissue. The root is also lost when a tooth is lost, as is the subsequent stimulation in the jaw. The lack of activity causes bone to shrink or resorb over time.
For decades, the primary ways to restore form and function after tooth loss was through dental bridges and dentures. Each approach sits on top of the gums. Their design doesn’t address the need to stimulate underlying bone tissue. Over time the bone slowly “wears away.” This is why dentures require modifications. Consequently, the resorption process affects facial structure, producing a “sunken-in” appearance.
The best way to replace a lost tooth or teeth is with dental implants from your Richmond dentist. Used for more than 25 years, these tiny titanium posts are placed into healthy bone tissue. As the bone fuses to the implant, a design very similar to that of natural teeth and corresponding roots is accomplished.
Dental implants are not just a cosmetic solution to missing teeth. They function, look, and feel so much like natural teeth that no one will know you have dental implants.
Dr. Hart has the extensive training and skill to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. Contact us to schedule an appointment. New patients, receive free oral cancer screenings.
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Shari M.
Dr. Hart represents true integrity. Her staff also exudes a level of professionalism and kindness.
I am thankful to have found a dentist who practices in a holistic manner.
Dr. Hart is a beautiful and smart soul
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