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Patients in Richmond, VA Learn About Biological Dentistry and How to Find A Holistic Dental Practice

How to Find a Holistic Dentist in Richmond VA Area

Have you been seeking a dentist who employs fully holistic techniques in their practice? If so, and if you are in or around the Richmond, VA area, you should consider Dr. Olivia Hart and her skilled team at Richmond Family Dentistry. At Richmond Family Dentistry, Dr. Hart practices biological dentistry. If you have been wondering how you can find a holistic dentist who keeps the overall health of your entire wellbeing in mind, you will find no better than Dr. Hart. The field of biological dentistry (also referred to as holistic dentistry) is a growing form of alternative dentistry, wherein … Continue reading

Patients in Richmond, VA Are Reaping The Benefits of the PerioProtect Gum Disease Treatment System

Treating Gum Disease Perio Protect at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond VA Area

We all lead busy lives. And in the everyday hustle and bustle of life, we can all (on occasion) neglect our oral health. The cost of this negligence will almost certainly be some form of gum disease. Also called periodontitis, gum disease is all too common among Americans. It has been estimated that tens of millions of Americans suffer from this entirely preventable and treatable disease. Dr. Olivia Hart and the team at Richmond Family Dentistry offer a non-invasive, comfortable solution for gum disease treatment called PerioProtect. Patients in the Richmond, VA area are overjoyed with the success of this … Continue reading

Factors to Consider as An Adult Looking to Have Wisdom Teeth Removal by Dentist in Richmond, VA

Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond VA Area

When we think about wisdom teeth removal, many associate this procedure as occurring during teenage years. And, for many teens, this is a true reality. There are many individuals who, on the other hand, do not have their wisdom teeth removed at this time in their lives. Delaying the removal of wisdom teeth until your adult years is not strange or unusual. It is more common than you may believe. If you are looking to, as an adult, have your wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Olivia Hart and the team at Richmond Family Dentistry have been performing the safe removal of … Continue reading

Patients Seeking Answers Into The Difference Between Titanium and Zirconia Dental Implants in Richmond, VA

Difference Between Titanium and Zirconia Dental Implants at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond VA Area

Continuing advancement in dental technology have made it as easy as ever for a dentist to replace damaged or missing teeth using safe dental implants. Titanium implants have established their place as the standard, but more dentists are beginning to utilize bio-compatible ceramic zirconia dental implants. If you are wondering what kind of dentist does zirconia implants in the Richmond, VA area, please visit Dr. Olivia Hart and the team at Richmond family Dentistry.  As the only biological practice in Richmond, VA, Richmond Family Dentistry offers FDA-approved ceramic implants that are biocompatible, biomimetic, and metal-free implants. Comparing Titanium and Zirconia … Continue reading

Benefits of the Myobrace Treatment System in preventing orthodontic problems in children

Benefits of Getting Myobrace Treatment in Richmond VA Area

When seeking early orthodontic solutions for children, parents see wonderful results with the Myobrace system. Often, especially with traditional braces, parents are reacting to their child’s dental situation. With Myobrace, you can get ahead of some issues and possibly save your child from needing bulky, uncomfortable metal braces. Dr. Olivia Hart and the team at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond, VA, offer this revolutionary treatment designed to focus and correct any underlying issues which can lead to crooked teeth. The Myobrace system is designed for children as young as three years and can be used by teens as old as … Continue reading

Replace missing teeth with ceramic implants in Richmond, VA

Replace Missing Teeth with Ceramic Implants in Richmond, VA Area

Missing teeth are more than an aesthetic nuisance. Without a full set of teeth, it can be challenging to chew your food or speak clearly, and the added stress on your jaw can lead to TMJ issues. Dr. Oliva Hart and the team at Richmond Family Dentistry offer ceramic dental implants to replace missing teeth for a happier, healthier smile. Benefits of ceramic dental implants Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces the whole structure of a missing tooth. By replacing your tooth with a dental implant, you can prevent issues such as shifting teeth and bone … Continue reading

Occlusal guards to protect teeth from damage caused by teeth clenching and grinding in Richmond, VA

Occlusal Guards for Teeth Clenching at Richmond Family Dentistry in Richmond Area

Have you ever woken up with headaches, sore teeth or jaw pain? If so, does it happen often? This may be because you are one of many Americans who suffer from evening jaw clenching, teeth grinding (also called bruxism) or TMJ disorder. Dr. Olivia Hart and the team at Richmond Family Dentistry aid patients in Richmond, VA who suffer from these conditions with dental appliances such as occlusal guards meant to assist with teeth clenching and grinding. Many Americans suffer from the clenching and grinding of teeth but are not aware of it due to not being able to associate … Continue reading

Richmond, VA area dentist explains important oral health concerns for kids’ smiles

Kids Dentist in Richmond area

Patients of all ages are invited to learn more about the optimum care available for kids and adults at Richmond Family Dentistry. Dr. Olivia Hart and her team offer general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for all ages. Parents can work with our team and can rest assure their child will be in good hands for their dental needs. Pediatric dentistry needs Children have different dental needs than adults. Sure, children must brush and floss their teeth to keep them clean and avoid cavities and disease. However, there are other oral health concerns that Richmond, VA kids should be aware of. … Continue reading

Learn how occlusal guards can help with teeth clenching and grinding with Richmond, VA area dentist

How Occlusal Guards Help With Teeth Grinding in Richmond, VA area

At Richmond Family Dentistry, Richmond, VA area patients have a wide variety of services to choose from. In addition to providing general, cosmetic, and restorative care for new and existing patients, Dr. Olivia Hart also offers services for patients who have specific dental needs. Patients who have conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder or even bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding) can learn more about the use of occlusal guards and how they can help with the symptoms and problems associated with these concerns. What is an occlusal guard? Dr. Olivia Hart describes an occlusal guard as a type of splint … Continue reading

Richmond, VA holistic dentist explains benefits of non-metal dental implants

Non-Metal Dental Implants in Richmond VA area

Archeologists have unearthed early evidence of mankind’s attempts to replace missing teeth with implants, dating back to 2000 BC. “Modern” dental implants made of titanium metal alloy have been used in this country since the early 1980s. Today, Dr. Oliva Hart brings the beauty and biocompatibility of contemporary non-metal dental implants to patients in the Richmond, VA area. Implant basics An implant  is the dental solution to replicating lost tooth structure in the most natural way possible. The implant is a threaded, conical device that resides in jawbone. A small incision is made in gum tissue, and space is created … Continue reading


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