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Biological Dentistry

  • Provides the safest biocompatible materials
  • Mercury safe and mercury free dentistry
  • Committed to patient's overall well being through maintaining best oral health possible
Mercury safe dentistry, also known as biological dentistry, is a commitment to a patient's well-being when it comes to their oral health care. Dr. Hart offers the cosmetic and health benefits of composite bonding. Composite bonding is just as strong as amalgam fillings, and is made to match the color of the patient's teeth to blend seamlessly. Silver amalgam fillings can stand out in a patient's smile, and can be unattractive. Dr. Hart focuses on both the health and cosmetics of everything they do to a patient's tooth, and by offering composite bonding fillings, they are able to fill cavities effectively while maintaining the beautiful smile.

The team at Dr. Hart's office participates in biological dentistry, which focuses on ensuring that everything that is used in the office is safe, natural, and completely biocompatible with the patient's body. This will ensure less of an impact on the patient's mouth and body, and assist them in maintaining their overall health.

Biological dentistry is important to Dr. Hart and her staff, and she offers the safe and effective removal of amalgam fillings in accordance to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology standards and protocols. If you are interested in the removal of mercury amalgam fillings call Dr. Hart of the Richmond and Charlottesville areas today for a discussion or to schedule an appointment.

Homeopathic treatment for dental wellness

Homeopathy is not reserved only for dentistry, but dentists like Dr. Hart who are committed to the person behind the patient, take advantage of this method of treatment. Homeopathic techniques seek to discover the essence of dental conditions by analyzing the physical symptoms expressed by each patient, and by discerning the emotional impact such symptoms are having on quality of life.

Homeopathic remedies aid in attaining better oral health and make visits to the dentist more enjoyable. These are preparations based on animal, mineral, or plant products and extracts which have been diluted and precisely formulated for safety and efficacy. Their role in dental care is not necessarily to eliminate symptoms, but to encourage the body's natural tendencies to heal and fight disease.

Dr. Hart is happy to offer comprehensive dental care that incorporates homeopathic treatments as needed, to achieve healthy desired outcome for you and your family. Call Richmond Family Dentistry today at (804) 381-6238 or email us at

Dr. Olivia Hart

Dr. Olivia Hart

DDS, NMD, IABDM & ICOI Fellow & AAIP Fellow

Dr. Olivia Hart, a highly accomplished dentist, is honored to serve her community in Glen Allen, VA. She has always sought to enrich her knowledge on dental health and to offer her patients the best comprehensive dental care possible. Her Richmond Family Dentistry provides services ranging from basic dental procedures to cosmetic dentistry and specialized dental services in Richmond.

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Mercury Safe & Mercury Free Dentist

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Shari M.
Dr. Hart represents true integrity. Her staff also exudes a level of professionalism and kindness.
I am thankful to have found a dentist who practices in a holistic manner.
Dr. Hart is a beautiful and smart soul
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